Delve deep into the nature of reality with Dancing The Paradox; a philosophical fiction by Charlotte Woodford. Synopsis: Watched keenly by you and the narrator, twelve-year-old Olivia meets the enchanting man-of-stories at her parents’ party. Through his colourful storytelling, the man-of-stories maintains that nothing exists separate from its context. (No wonder you are at the party!) As the evening progresses and the consequences of this exhilarating perceptual shift unfold, each is set on a new course. From physicists and artists to atheists, believers, comedians and explorers, all are warmly invited. Come and dance.


Try Dancing the Paradox – an exploratory novel and life-affirming workshops. Check our events and contact to enquire.

“Charlotte simply fizzes with energy and positivity. She is a highly skilled facilitator – giving people the confidence to stretch their comfort zone (and in some cases completely leave it!) And she does this in a quietly confident way that communicates her belief in your potential.”

Janice Crompton-Brough

“Charlotte is an absolute inspiration in every way… It’s been a wild, challenging, marvellous, unexpected ride – and I’ve loved every minute of it… Anyone who has the opportunity to take part in anything she does should count themselves very lucky. I know I do!”

Annie Percik