When was the last time you did something that made you feel amazing? If you are reading this blog it is because sometime in the last few years we shared a wonderful laughter or singing adventure. And it would be delightful to share the next one with you too.

Lifebulb is back – with a beautiful new website and programme of retreats and workshops in London, Birmingham, Wales and Italy – priced on a sliding scale. Treat yourself to a fantastic experience!

Look out for singing workshops that include elements of art to help you get in touch with the music in a visual way. “Utterly magical and brilliant”, Paul Harrison. Or learn to read music through solfa – a holistic and intuitive approach which will deepen your relationship to music and open it up in a new way – whether you sing, play or just love to listen. “…an experience EVERYONE should try to take part in. You will NOT be disappointed.” Delma Thomas.

So what are you waiting for? Explore our new website, check out our events and contact us to book in.

And watch our latest Laughter Yoga video How To Read The News (you’ve been doing it wrong)

Lifebulb – Grow Yours.

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Lifebulb is back!

Lifebulb. Grow Yours