In winter, when the skies are grey, the outdoors uninviting, and our bellies wobbly, we all hanker for a blast of sunshine. But here’s a little secret – it’s not necessary to go abroad! Why? Because everyone is a sunshine, pal! We just need a little something to spark our fire.

Lifebulb is offering weekend singing workshops of beautiful (Elgar), unexpectedly naughty (Mozart) and accessible (various) classical music. With technical skill and buckets of love and laughter every person will be supported to make a fantastic sound and feel incredible. There will be no sheet music, no experience necessary, and the opportunity to further explore the music through art.

Picture yourself under those drizzly skies, face radiant, body bursting with laughter and song, basking in the warmth of the other singing sunshines around you. Wonderful eh? So book for London or Birmingham; read more in our events; contact us for a beautiful Xmas gift voucher; or audition yourself to make sure you’re up to it.

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Serotonin for Winter